Managed Services

What’s Managed Services?

What is Managed Services?
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The scope of service we provide varies according to your needs and can involve simple system upgrades to full network management and support for a pre-established monthly fee.  The key element is that it is preventive and proactive not reactionary.

“Among current users of managed services, 46% of firms have trimmed their annual IT expenditures by 25% or more as a result of their shift to managed services, including 13% that have slashed annual IT expenditures by 50% or more on the IT functions they have given over to an MSP.”
– CompTIA, Trends in Managed Services study.

What can we do for you?
Premium Support / Select is a support & services program designed to help clients improve efficiencies, reduce costs, mitigate risk and provide smart solutions for our partners, allowing you the client the chance to leverage technology as a service, not an expense.  Premium Support / Select allows ITNC to oversee and update all aspects of your IT environments while giving you the choice to engage us at the level most comfortable with you.  You will see that our competitively pricing model makes sense when bundle together.  Simply check the box’s below for the services that best meet your company needs.

From Reactive – to – Proactive
Many businesses today continue to use the reactive model and handle IT issues as they arise. Below is a comparison of the reactive vs. proactive approach. It’s easy to see the benefits of becoming proactive!

Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.  In IT, this relates to the daily administration and management of all servers, workstations, and other devices (along with the network in general).  It also allows for project planning such as regular maintenance, upgrades, new technology roll-outs, and expansion.

We started building our Managed Services offering in 2004.  Back then, Managed Services was in its infancy, but we saw the potential to be able serve our customers even better.  To be proactive instead of reactive.  To get alerts and resolve potential issues before the customer was even aware there was a problem.  So we branded our offerings Premium Support Select.

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Benefits of Managed Services

Benefits of Managed Services

There are many pragmatic benefits to a U.S. based IT managed services team.  Our Premium Support Select managed services can save you thousands in comparison to a conventional TM (time and materials) billing structure.

  • Control Support Costs
  • IT service expenses can be better budgeted for.  Premium Support Select is built on a reoccurring monthly model, which allows companies to better plan budgets and resources.  There are no more surprise invoices because a server crashed or new systems needed to be deployed.  Except for special projects, everything’s covered.  Full time IT employees are expensive.  Salaries, training, and turnover make it seem as though there is a revolving door where employees hired, trained, gain experience, and then are on to the next higher-paying job.  Our Premium Support Select managed services allows you to focus human resources where they pertain to the core business.

  • Superior Quality of Support
  • Let the experts handle your pain points.  Our U.S. based support team is truly experts in the field of technology with experience in all aspects of design, support, administration and customer service.

  • Reduce Risk
  • IT related responsibilities and activities can be delegated.  This relieves the client from having to worry about not only the mundane tasks of keeping inventory, patching systems, etc., but also the more critical issues of server support, network performance problems, and keeping the technology up to date.

  • Increased Focus & Increase Productivity
  • Companies can stay focused on their core business, and not be distracted by the complexities of their IT environment.  This also increases the efficiency of the business which in turn makes them more profitable.

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    Help Desk

    Help Desk – What is Covered?

          • Remote Help Desk Support for all network users (must reflect total count of network users)
          • Active Directory Adds/Moves/Changes
            Adding new users, Disabling users, Password resets, User Account changes.
          • Support for Microsoft Office 365 Suite programs
            Office 2016 desktop & mobile apps.
            Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, & Publisher.
            Office 365 Services.
            Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype for business.
          • Support for Microsoft Windows 7 & 10 Professional
            Vendor Management
          • Escalate issues to third party providers (i.e. ISP, CRM vendors etc.), single point of contact for issue resolution, ticketing & reporting.
            End user device support
          • Remote wipe of Office 360 email for iPhone, or Android.,
          • Corporate email setup on iPhone and Android devices.
            Remote Workstation Support.
          • Virus & malware cleansing.
          • Connectivity issues.
          • Service Packs, Roll-ups, Updates & Patches.

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    Proactive Care

    Remote Proactive Server Select – What’s Covered?

  • Proactive support of the server Operating System and associated equipment directly attached to the servers.
  • Monthly remote proactive server tuning.
  • Administer Microsoft software version Updates, Patch management and Services Packs as deemed necessary by Provider.
  • VMware Host machines shall receive annual updates, if applicable (first review/update to occur 6 months into Agreement). Bonus: INCLUDES Software & License Management.
  • Manage software license renewals (via electronic notification of expiration).
  • Remote Reactive Network Support (we are reactively responding to issues that arise).
  • Apply revisions/updates for new patches released (as Provider and Client deem necessary).
  • Antivirus checks  & Backup checks
  • Administration of server backups
  • Administration of Antivirus
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    NOC Monitoring

    NOC Network Monitoring – What is Covered?

    ITNC will proactively monitors workstation, server, and all networking hardware events in your networking infrastructure.  When event occurs we will be automatically notified of the issue and our support Team will resolving the issues asap.  This is a critical component of a “self healing” IT strategy.

    Free up your internal resources to do more high value tasks and compete for profitable managed services contracts requiring 24/7 operations support.

    Service Key Features

    Operating as One Team

    The AVG NOC operates as an extension of you team, transparent to the client.

    Policy Enforcement

    The NOC follows your lead, enforcing policies as well as running and installing applications for your customers.

    Completely Scalable

    No need to develop your own 24/7 NOC until you are ready. Leverage ours to monitor and support one client or all for as long as you need.

    Year-round 24/7 Monitoring

    The NOC operates around the clock and is available to take action on escalations from the AVG Help Desk or your engineers at any time.

    PSA Synchronization

    Our team collaborates with yours in real time. You have full visibility to all ticket activity with efficient tracking, problem resolution, and billing through seamless integration with your PSA.

    “Right Response” Workflow Management

    Consistent, professional, and timely response to major alerts is achieved through hundreds of detailed and tested workflow and automation procedures.

    Reporting to Monitor Results

    Leverage reports to monitor our efforts and results relating to your clients. Close sales with opportunities stemming from alerts and tickets.

    Full Integration with Managed Workplace

    You have access to the full capabilities of AVG Managed Workplace. AVG templates define the monitoring rules for assets managed by the NOC.

    All network endpoints can be monitoring including but not limited to: Workstations, Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Switches.

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    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity – What is Covered?

    ITNC will provide a detailed and comprehensive DR and business continuity plan for organization.  Because every company is different we will devote a dedicated account representative to fully review and deeply analyze your DR and business continuity requirements.

      • We will devise and implement a plan involving your local IT resources that encompasses all company virtual servers and company workstations.
      • We will provide real-time access to backups of your all servers and all workstations for recovery purposes.
      • We will provide real-time reporting on the Health of your DR environments.
      • You will be immediately notified of any DR event and we will provide dedicated 24/7 support resources if there is an DR event that affects your ability to conduct business.
      • We will provide access to all company servers and workstations within 3 hours of a catastrophic event.

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    Cyber Security

    Cyber Security Managed Services – What is Covered?

    Cyber Shield Managed Services is a truly complete Cyber Security Solution for your enterprise.  ITNC’s Cyber Security will protect and actively monitor all servers, workstations and network devices from ransomware and other malicious content that can stop your operations. Our cutting edge advanced AI (artificial Intelligence) algorithms constantly learns by monitoring your businesses information for suspicious activities. When a suspect item is found it isolates away from your core systems before any harm can come to your business.

      • Zero-Day Virus, Malware, Trojan and Malicious Threat Protection.
      • Managed Security Monitoring and Alerting.
      • Security Testing and Security Assessments.
      • Threat Intelligence and Incident Response.
      • Security Device Management.
      • Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection.
      • Malware/Antivirus removal and corrupted data recovery.
      • Provide annual certified Penetration Testing of your networks.
      • Cyber Compliance Certifications CISSP, MCITP, QSA PCI, PCIP PCI, GSNA,GCIH, GPEN, CHPSE, HCISPP, JNCIP-SEC, Check Point, CEHv8, Security+
      • Security compliance consultation.

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