Structured Cabling
  We Build a Solid Foundation for your IT Infrastructure.

in the cable world the term structured cabling gets mentioned often.  What does it mean?
“Structured Cabling is the standardized architecture and components for communications cabling specified by the EIA/TIA TR42 committee and used as a voluntary standard by manufacturers to insure interoperability.”

Structured Cabling… is defined as building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (structured).  A properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance as well as has the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizes system availability, provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.

ITNC currently offers low voltage such as Category 6 data structured cabling along with fiber optic cabling.  Quick and effortless data distribution is standard with the structured cabling that we provide to our customers.  We are a Belden certified network design & installer.

Category 6 Data Structured Cabling

We provide UTP and STP copper backbone cabling for LAN/WAN.  ITNC also offers end-to-end cabling system solutions for our customers.  We test and certify to provide our customers with complete, comprehensive reports on every connection within their facilities.  With distribution and management of multimedia audio, data, and video, we make sure our customers are set up with high-quality cabling for all of their needs.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cabling provided by ITNC gives customers reassurance that their data is being transferred at high speeds.  This type of cable is made out of non-conductive material, so it offers the highest protection against lightning in comparison to other types of cable.  Our technicians are certified in fiber optic installation and termination, providing worry-free installation and service to keep customers’ data transmissions safe and reliable.