What is virtualization? Server virtualization is a technology for partitioning one physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system and applications, and perform as if it is an individual server.  This makes it possible, to complete development using various operating systems on one physical server or to consolidate servers used by multiple business divisions.

Virtualization is a flexible tool that allows you to move server workloads around so you can always have the optimum performance out of each one.  Our virtualization services help save space and money and doesn’t use up more servers, computers, or people.

When you receive a virtualization solution from ITNC’s, you can expect:

  • Reduced costs, going green – With virtualization, you will be able to stop buying servers and optimize the ones you have, thus reducing electric costs and server costs significantly.
  • Reduce the data center Footprint – Consolidation of 20 physical servers down to 1 servers obviously would save space.
  • Faster server provisioning – Virtual servers are agile and can be deployed and in a manner of minutes compared to hours or days for physical servers.
  • Increase Uptime – With technology such as vMotion it is easy to move servers from one virtual machine to another which increases production uptime.
  • Improve Disaster Recovery -Disasters happen, but you can be ready to get your network back online with a simple recovery program.
  • Extend the Life of older applications – Virtual will far outlast a aging physical machine.
  • Faster application and computer performance – Programs and files will load faster, resulting in more work time.
  • Easily Move things to the Could – Virtualization makes it easier to move your applications to the cloud.

ITNC is an expert at deploying VMWARE Virtual environments.  Contact us now for a free consultation on a virtual environment for your business.